Select Board

The Grand Isle Selectboard meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month at 6:00 pm in the town offices.

Jeff Parizo – Chair:                   802-355-9398
Josie Leavitt
Vice Chair:                           802-238-3208
Couper Shaw:                                         802-395-1954
Ellen Howrigan:                                                  802-372-5622
Jennifer Morway:                                   802-310-5022

To be added to a Select Board Agenda contact Selectboard Assistant Angela Low  

To view agenda’s posted in the three designated places in Grand Isle visit the Town Office, the Grand Isle Library or at Emmons Market where agendas and notices are posted to the left of the doors on the wall across from the gas pumps.

To see video of the Grand Isle Select-board meetings, click here.

2022 SB Conflict of Interest Policy
2022 Rules and Procedures of the Grand Isle Selectboard



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