GI Cemetery rules & regulations (Concise)

Approved Sept. 10, 2019 – Full version on file in Town Clerk’s Office

Cemetery hours are from dawn to dusk. The cemetery is closed December 1 to April 30. Cemetery Grounds are to be treated with dignity.

No monument can be erected without prior approval of the Cemetery Commission. One (1) regular burial and one (1) cremation burial or four (4) maximum cremation burials in each single lot is permitted. Any transfer or assignment of the use of any lot will not be valid without the consent in writing of all parties interested in such lot, Including the commissioners.

No trees or shrubs (including rose bushes) shall be planted in the cemetery. All plantings must be contained within the boundaries of the lot and maintained by the lot owner.

Any plantings that infringe upon the boundaries of any adjacent lots must be trimmed back or removed by lot owners. Cemetery personnel may trim or remove plantings to prevent damage to property and monuments.

The Commission will not be liable for any flowers, vases, urns, or articles left at the grave site. Glass or pottery containers, other than Eternal Lights are not acceptable and will be removed. Coat hangers or other wires in the ground or attached to memorials, used as pot holders or to support flowers  or containers will not be allowed. The Cemetery Commissioners or their designee’s are authorized to remove any item which may be deemed a safety hazard for maintenance workers.

In winter, holiday wreaths may be placed in front of monuments. Wreaths must be removed by April 1st, or as soon as weather permits.

No enclosures of lots by fencing, hedges, curbing or stone, gravel or wood chip aprons around memorials, corner markers or lots shall be allowed.

Small American flags in standards will be provided by the Cemetery Commission for Veterans’ graves. Other flags must be approved by the Cemetery Commission.

No recreational vehicles will be allowed in the cemeteries. Cars, hearses, and maintenance vehicles are the only motorized vehicles allowed in the cemeteries.

No animals shall run at large within the cemetery. Owners must clean up after their animals.

Firearms are prohibited except for military funerals. 

The Cemetery Commission shall in no way be held liable for injuries sustained by anyone while in the cemetery.