Job Description for Assistant to the Grand Isle Selectboard

The Grand Isle Selectboard holds is regularly scheduled meetings the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at the Town of Grand Isle Office as well as via Zoom starting at 6pm.  When needed the Selectboard may hold special meetings outside of the designated times.

  • Set up room for Selectboard meetings (setting up chairs, printing out agenda and other as needed documents). Generally, arrive 30 minutes prior to meeting to perform tasks and let LCATV camera crew in to set up.
  • During Selectboard meetings create action item list of follow up items Selectboard members are responsible for.
  • Set up Zoom meetings and Record all Selectboard meetings electronically and properly name and save on hard drive stored in Town vault.
  • Take clear and concise minutes of Selectboard meetings. Distribute to Selectboard members at least 24 hours before posting on website. Minutes per statute must be posted on Town website within 5 calendar days of meeting.
  • When minutes are approved by Selectboard gather needed signatures and provide approved minutes to Town Clerk for recording and uploaded approved version on Town website.
  • Compile topics from Selectboard members to be on meeting agenda.
  • Post agenda on Town website and three designated places around town (Emmons Supermarket, Town Office, and Post Office) per statute 48 hours prior to regularly scheduled meeting or 24 hours prior to special meeting. Additionally send members of the Selectboard and those requesting agenda such as media the agenda at same time of posting.

The position comes with an annual stipend of $10,000 for the duties performed.

Please go to the town website to review examples of past agendas and minutes for the Selectboard located under the “Boards, Minutes & Agendas” tab.

Those interested please submit a letter of interest to the Grand Isle Selectboard by Monday, January 2nd by 6pm. Letters of interest can be mailed to the Town Office at PO Box 49 Grand Isle, VT 05458, or drop off letter of interest at the Town office in person (or in slot in front door during afterhours) at 9 Hyde Road.