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April 2020

Grand Isle Property Owner,
You are receiving this letter because you have a building permit with Grand Isle Town or were listed in a prior year with a building under construction and at a completion percentage of less than 100%. Please see the attached Re-inspection schedule which has been highlighted with the items about which we are inquiring.

In a typical year, it is the work of the Listers to inspect any property which has materially changed from last year to this year and determine an assessment for the upcoming Grand List year based on the status of the property as of April 1st of this year, 4/1/2020. Given the COVID-19 virus concerns, we are not completing interior inspection at this time and are asking for your cooperation in completing this task.

Please give us a call, e-mail or mail back this letter with notes, if you like, regarding the status of your building permit or percentage of completion status as of 4/1/2020. Please see attached the REINSPECTION SCHEDULE for the percentage of completion that we use in determining this factor for a dwelling. We are not expecting you to complete this form unless you would like to do so, but are providing it for your use in understanding our process of determining percentage of completion. If your improvement has not been started or is 100% complete, then this is a simple matter to answer. If you’d like to discuss this with us over the phone, then we can both review the sheet together. Note that this form may not apply to outbuildings without finished interior space.

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email the office and leave a message if we are not in.

Grand Isle Listers
Susan Lawrence
Joe Longo
Charles Hollon